About Geert

portret fkbGeert Pattyn has been a self-employed floral designer for twenty years. Before that, he worked in a flower shop, after a training period in three different shops. You can find his workshop on the farm in Geluwe, where he grew up. He likes living and working in his parental home. “This is a rural place, quiet and pleasant. I have got the space here to prepare and realize big as well as small jobs. Even when I was young, I already had my own botanical garden here in which I made all kinds grow and thrive. I am still grateful to my parents because they passed the love of nature on to me.”

Geert is well-renowned, nationally as well as internationally. The past few decennia, his reputation has grown by him giving demonstrations and workshops, taking part in competitions, collaborating with Fleur Creatief magazine, transferring his knowledge to others and gathering a faithful core of clients. For Geert, the nice thing about his job is the variation. “Not only variety in everything I do, but also the change of season is something I find terribly beautiful. In Autumn I work a lot with branches and fruit. In Spring I look forward to the buds and spring bloomers. My customers know I prefer to work with seasonal materials; they won’t ask for sunflowers in Winter. The bond with my regular clients is very strong.” You can define Geert’s style as pure, simple and natural.

Geert’s bond with his team of four steady co-workers is very good too. He likes to share ideas with them and talk about the profession. “I don’t feel it’s pleasant to keep things only to myself. Way too often, florists are too taken only with themselves. Why are they so scared of others? Why wouldn’t you share a new technique with others? It is important to depart from your own strengths and to learn from others.”

Stay creative and don’t stand still, this is the advice Geert would like to give to everyone. He himself has already published five books and a birthday calendar, and he participated in Masters of Floral Art, the Floral Annual and the book about freeze-dried flowers by Avalane, Longlasting Beauty. “Actually, I’ve established pretty much already, but I certainly wish to continue for a while. Flowers and plants keep on inspiring me. There is so much to see and so much to do – there is such beauty to find in the world. Sometimes I regret not being able to do it all.