geert-pattyn-stijlvol_aan_tafelStijlvol aan tafel (Style at the Table): A book full of sublime ideas for parties and table decorations. Jacqueline De Sy sets the table and Geert Pattyn puts forward the most beautiful floral decorations. Editions Lannoo Terra,
ISBN 90 209 2982 8

geert-pattyn-stemmingenStemmingen (Moods): A bouquet trembling with morning dew or a thrashing creation on a sunlit day … These are only two examples of Geert Pattyn’s floristic works inspired by moods.. Editions Lannoo Terra, ISBN 90 209 3719 7

Florale Kunst binnenshuis (Floral Interior Decoration): In perfect harmony with the architectural surroundings, Geert Pattyn decorates spaces where people party, live, meet or exhibit in a splendid way. Uitgeverij Stichting Kunstboek, ISBN 90 5856 102

Twinkling Christmas: Innovative Christmas decorations that give every interior a magical touch. Uitgeverij Stichting Kunstboek, ISBN 978 90 5856 205 0

Geert Pattyn, Masterflorist: Exceptional creations inspired by Geert Pattyn’s natural surroundings. Uitgeverij Stichting Kunstboek, ISBN 978 90 5856 225 8